Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Sherlock in Review

Both reviews for "Sherlock Holmes" the final adventure offered positive, though not perfect, examples for a review. In my opinion, the Western Herald piece gave the reader too much plot summary, detailing insignificant events that didn't warrant mention, such as Sherlock standing witness at Irene's wedding. The Kalamazoo Gazette on the other hand, gave a more general overview then provided more of the questions the play presents which seems a more effective way to convince a reader to see the play. 

Mark Wedel's voice is strong and humorous in the Gazette review, whereas John Campbell's voice feels more generic and void of personality. However, I will give Campbell credit for reviewing more than just the actors and plot as Wedel did. When I saw the play, I was struck by the quality of the sets and I was glad that Campbell made note of it. 

Perhaps the biggest difference I saw between the two reviews was that the Gazette gave a more broad overview of the strengths and weaknesses of the play. While both were positive reviews, the Gazette leaned slightly more towards mixed and seem to offer the reader more agency in deciding for themselves whether or not Sherlock was worth investigating. 

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